What are the transparency challenges?

The new content and format requirements encourage documents that are more precise, easier to read and understand. In other words, using plain language: more information gets to the reader. The challenges?

  • Being a pioneer in best market practices
  • Transforming a regulatory obligation into a communication opportunity
  • Building trust and preference among your readers
  • Developing attractive, informational and strategic content that can be reused on other media and for other targets.


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Improving your universal registration document

Labrador offers comprehensive support for your ESEF reporting, adapted to the context and strategic choices of your company. Our aim? To simplify your life today and prepare for tomorrow. Our services:

Audit and consulting

  • Flash audit of existing compliance
  • 360° audit and redesign of chapters
  • Design of the Cross-reference table

Graphic and ergonomic design

  • We propose a detailed outline adapted to your objectives and your readers’ expectations
  • Creative design: cover, key figures, presentation of governance, business model, computer graphics, informational illustrations, etc.
  • Design and layout using the best standards in reading ergonomics

Language and translation

  • Writing or rewriting of your document or selected chapters in plain language
  • Multilingual specialized and plain language translations

Production and distribution

  • Creation and updates of the document on EOL (Edit On Line), our collaborative editing platform in HTML for the transition to ESEF/iXBRL format
  • Printing and digital versions (Word, PDF, PDFi, HTML);
  • Mini-site

A few customers


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They entrust their universal registration document to us

The final result is great! It was a difficult job for everyone, but thanks to your professionalism, we were able to get there in the end. See you soon for the English version!


I would like to thank you for the quality of your service and your availability throughout this project. It was a real pleasure working with you.


I would like to thank the teams who worked on this French edition and, in particular, the production manager with whom I worked daily for almost three months (and it's not yet completely over), for his availability, responsiveness and attentiveness to quality.


Thank you to the entire Labrador team for your mobilization throughout the URD production process.

Société Générale

A big thank you for your commitment and responsiveness in our URD project.

Plastic Omnium

A big thank you to everyone for your support and expertise during the realization of our URD. We look forward to working you on other projects.


We would like to thank you for your efficiency, your commitment and your continued support throughout this difficult period, with a special mention to Lionel for his legendary patience, which was severely tested.