Etude Charte éthique

Ethics charter study 2019 – Labrador – in French

Making Ethics charters transparent

94% of SBF 120 companies have an Ethics charter or a Code of business conduct in 2022. This strategic document, intended primarily for company employees, is the ethics and compliance culture reference document.

Much more than empty statements or intentions that never materialize, the Ethics charter should present the principles of action that guide daily decisions in a concrete and practical way.

The Ethics charter is the gateway to all ethics and compliance documents: anti-corruption code of conduct, gifts and hospitality policy, reporting procedure, responsible purchasing charter, confidentiality policy, etc.

Designing your Ethics charter


Identifying with you the most relevant content with regard to your risks, your activities and your corporate culture.

Graphic design

Designing an Ethics charter that suits you and inspires you.


Writing and revising your content for precise, clear and impactful texts.


Laying out your Ethics charter according to the best standards of reading ergonomics, in print or digital.


Spreading your ethics and compliance culture by translating your Ethics charter into the languages of your operations.


Publicizing your Ethics charter by designing fun and informational internal communication campaigns.