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More than 300 professionals already use Plainly and more than 100 million words have already been analyzed.

Features of Plainly

Plainly is the most powerful plain language tool on the market. None of your texts are impervious to it, not even the most complex, thanks to its artificial intelligence engine and its unique algorithm.


Plainly measures the clarity of your text in three clicks, based on 15 linguistic criteria.


Plainly identifies areas for improvement in your text.


Plainly advises you on best practices.


Plainly suggests modifications to improve your text.

Plainly is a practical, intuitive educational self-learning tool.

Plainly in brief:

Easy: your assessment in three clicks

Fast: your results in a few minutes

Confidential and secure: your data is never compromised

Accessible: your information is always at your fingertips no matter where you are—all you need is an Internet connection

Autonomous: you are in charge of making your texts clearer

Objective: clarity assessment based on scientific criteria

Ergonomic: an intuitive platform in a familiar computing environment

There are two versions of Plainly:

  • A free version that analyzes your texts and assigns them a score for clarity, calculated according to 15 linguistic criteria.


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A professional subscription version that additionally offers you writing assistance to clarify your texts. Plainly Pro guides you through your document to show you what needs improvement and suggests changes.


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For six months or one year, and for as many users as you like, the Plainly Pro subscription gives you unlimited access to the tool.

Plain language is the set of best practices for writing that improve and speed up comprehension and memorization of your key messages.

Plain Language will allow you to:

  • build trust and preference among your readers;
  • promote take-up of your messages by your employees and stakeholders;
  • reduce the number of words in your documents by between 5% and 20%;
  • optimize your translations:
    • faster;
    • less risk of misinterpretation;
    • more cost effective (less time spent translating and performing quality control);
  • Attract talent.

To go further, Labrador’s experts can train you in Plain Language.

Labrador supports your teams of editors and contributors by delivering introductory modules on the principles of Plain Language, or more extensive training programs taught by accredited trainers. Modular format according to your needs, either remotely or on site, in teams or individually.


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