What are the transparency challenges? 

  • inform your investors’ choices and financially assess climate risk;
  • offer structured and comparable information;
  • anticipate and better manage your climate-related risks and opportunities;
  • improve your non-financial ratings;
  • anticipate your compliance;
  • train and raise awareness of climate change among your teams.


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Improve your climate reporting

Audit & consulting

  • Industry benchmarks and best market practices
  • Audit of your climate approach: strengths/areas for improvement/recommendations
  • Advice on computer graphics

Design & creation

  • Proposition for an editorial slant/narrative thread
  • Outline proposal
  • Creation of complex computer graphics and diagrams
  • Control of the graphic charter

Language & translation

  • Writing or rewriting in Plain Language
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Upgrading transparency/comparability best practices
  • Multilingual translation

Production & Distribution

  • Content variations for websites/CSR sections
  • Recommendations for social networks
  • User statistics
  • Optimized referencing

Customer challenges:


Enhancing the quality of AXA’s climate information
Producing transparent and informational evidence-based reporting
Simple and fluid production
Retaining a creative document that reflects AXA’s image


Design-creation of ergonomic layout
Creation of computer graphics
Transparency advice
Project and quality monitoring
Volume: 82 pages, 2 versions



2 international awards:

Axa’s climate report has collected two awards from the International Climate Reporting Awards

  • Jury Prize (2021)
  • Financial Companies Award (2020)

“AXA presents one of the most robust reporting exercises (…). AXA succeeded to well report its results, their limitations, and areas for improvement that the industry could jointly pursue”

A collective internal success


They entrust their climate reporting to us

The layout won over a large number of AXA employees (this format is exclusively produced in English and is distributed worldwide) and the computer graphics are popular and reused internally.